Crystal Schneckenburger
Violin Lessons

 I have been teaching since I was sixteen and have not been without students since then. I have completed Suzuki Training Classes in Levels 1-3. In addition, I have taken many pedagogy classes while attending university and graduate school. Growing up, I was a Suzuki child and have taught both Suzuki and traditional methods. It is important to me to incorporate both fiddle and classical music into my students’ repertoire. My students have ranged between the ages of 3 to adult students.

I am currently accepting both in-person and online students. To find out more about lessons please contact me!.

Suzuki Training Levels Completed:

Every Child Can with William Starr

Suzuki Book 1 with Kathleen Spring

Suzuki Book 2 with Vera McCoy-Sulentic

Suzuki Book 3 with Vera McCoy-Sulentic

About the Suzuki Method....

“When love is deep, much can be accomplished.” These are the words of Shinichi Suzuki, the creator of the Mother Tongue Method, better known as the Suzuki Method. Suzuki believed that when children listen to and play beautiful music, it cultivates a love of beauty. Suzuki believed that this helps children to have beautiful hearts, therefore become better human beings.

He found that if children learn the same way that they learn their mother tongue that is possible for any child to be successful. His method is a one-step method, introducing one new concept at a time to make it manageable for any child. The parent is also very important in the Suzuki Method. Group lessons and private lessons create a community which help cultivate a desire to learn.

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More about the Suzuki Philosophy!

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